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Confessions of a Club Manager

I'm sure it's common for every GM/COO hiring process to be unique. I've experienced a few interesting ones as I'm sure you all have too. I thought I would share one in particular that made me shake my head.

This was quite a few years back... After applying, I had made it through the first round of interviews successfully when the hiring panel contacted me to arrange for the final interview in person in a couple weeks time. I spent the next week or so preparing as anyone would, when a few days before I was about to fly out I received an odd call (voicemail actually) from the Club President. He instructed me to ignore the email I just got sent. I was a little confused so I hopped on to check it out and it turns out he looped me in on an email that was meant to go to his panel members only, stating they had concerns about me being the right fit and that he wanted to meet with them before I was due to come out for the final interview a couple days later.

This was a little rattling to say the least. What do I do? Call it off and bow out or gather myself and soldier on? I figured I'd call him back at least and see what he had to say. He did his best to assure me that it was worth my time to go out and meet them so I did. I thought I performed well in the interview, the conversation open and honest and quality questions were exchanged on both ends. Turns out I got the job, a little reluctantly I must admit.

To cap this story off, after about a week on the job, the President informs me I was the panel's second choice and that he was telling me because he didn't want me to hear it from someone else. This President lasted about 3 months longer before resigning. I wish I could say there was some sort of silver lining or a happy ending but it wasn't the case. I'm still not exactly sure what the lesson was but an interesting experience to share nonetheless.

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